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medium snuffle enrichment ball pink/blue

medium snuffle enrichment ball pink/blue

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 The chunky size and premium quality thick anti-polar fleece ensure a tight ball with plenty of hiding spots for treats or kibble. By stimulating your pet's sense of smell, the Snuffle Ball encourages them to figure out how to retrieve the hidden treats while providing an exciting way to learn new skills.

 Maintaining the Snuffle Ball is a breeze. Simply place it in the washing machine on a gentle 30°C low spin cycle, using minimal detergent and no fabric softener to preserve the fleece's texture and the treat's scent. Always air dry the Snuffle Ball.

Remember to remove the ball once the treats are gone, so your pet doesn't mistake it for an everyday toy, ensuring long-lasting excitement and engagement. Please supervise your pets while using the Snuffle Ball.

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